JustLikeNew: Put Pre-Owned to the Test!

Whether you like it or not, Bluetooth earbuds are about to become far more popular. Popular might not even be the right word—at this point they’re more of a necessity, unless you want to live your life with dongles. Both Apple and Google have done away with the 3.5mm headphone jack, and though Samsung owners can laugh now, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Samsung do away with it in the next S-phone. This is the world we’re living in now, but it doesn’t have to be all bad. There are plenty of Bluetooth earbuds out there that are pretty good. If you’re going to be forced into living in a Bluetooth world, why not explore the options and make the best of it?

If you haven’t noticed the common theme with true wireless earbuds is an expensive price tag. Sure you can get really cheap models… if you don’t mind bad tech. If you want something that’s actually usable though, it’s hard to find anything around $15. That’s where the K5S wireless earbuds come in. The charging case is covered in the nice lid that you’ll find on the earbuds, but the buds are sweat-proof, so you can wear them to the gym.